Expert Services


A loss consultant acts as the eyes and ears for an insurance law firm. As a licensed property adjuster and appraiser, I work with attorneys to evaluate, estimate, appraise, document and photograph damage to your client’s property in order to substantiate the claim and provide all of the necessary details of the client’s loss. Our files typically result in higher property damage reports. We have worked with enough carriers to understand how they think and document accordingly.


As an expert damage appraiser my role in your claim is to assess the fair market value of your client’s damages and provide sufficient documentation to keep the file moving along smoothly. My team and I have worked on residential and commercial insurance appraisals from the thousands of dollars to the millions.


When independent insurance appraisers can’t agree, an umpire steps in to mediate an agreement, and if necessary, make a binding decision. Appointing an umpire early in the process is also a good idea so that he may step in early as disputes arise.


Whether it’s an annual check in to make sure that the policy continues to meet the needs of the property owner, or a specific review to assess coverage in the event of a loss, I am happy to conduct a complementary policy review.


I regularly enjoy speaking virtually or in person to commercial and residential property owners, groups of attorneys and to other insurance adjusters on market changes in insurance and claims.