Please reach out to discuss the specific needs of your audience so that topics may be customized for you.

Hurricane Preparedness

After helping clients through 6 Florida hurricanes, I have seen first hand what it takes to protect your home and business against financial loss. So much devastation could be avoided if only people knew. how to prepare their properties beforehand. Regardless of how many hurricanes you have lived through, each is unpredictable and should not be taken for granted. Slow is bad, wide is bad, and the worst winds and storm surge come from the dirty end of the storm, or after the eye wall, so where the storm makes landfall is key.

This talk will help prepare property owners to minimize their hurricane losses including;

– Business policies & procedures
– Communications planning
– Supplies
– Documenting what you own
– Caring for generators
– Your key network of contacts


Trends Transforming The Insurance Industry

Technology is impacting so many areas of our lives so it is no surprise the insurance industry is among them. Some of these trends insurance companies are using include:

– Predictive Analytics to assess risk, fraud and claims
– Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in claims and underwriting
– IoT where customers are wiling to share personal data in exchange for lower rates and risk mitigation
– Social Media data mining for fraud detection, and claim filing for convenience
– Chatbots to support claim filing
– Drones to assist in damage assessment

This talk will outline key trends in insurance, how to prepare, and where it will still be most advantageous to use humans.

COVID-19 and Insurance

Business interruption insurance is the hot topic of today as business owners seek compensation for their losses. While most policies contain exclusions for viruses, civil ordinances are adding a new twist where business owners can claim that it wasn’t the virus that caused the loss, it was the quarantine.

With the average business insurance policy being well over 40 pages and containing a myriad of exclusions and provisions, it can be challenging to sort through what is and is not covered.

In this talk we discuss the ins and outs of a business insurance policy, including coverages to check for and key indicators as to whether there may be a check in your future.

Loss Recovery

Damage to your home or business can feel overwhelming. It is difficult to sort through priorities, who to call and what to do next. Should you call your insurance company first? Will they have your best interests at heart? (Spoiler alert…the answer to that is an emphatic “no”). Should you call your attorney or your property insurance adjuster? Will they work together?

In this talk, we discuss the strategy to maximize recovery for your losses, the process of filing a claim and your rights. We’ll decipher your policy declarations pages and how to approach dealing with a loss.